Political Support for the Truce

Day 300— 15 February, 2012 Canary Wharf to Westminster (via The Olympic Stadium, Stratford)

9.6 miles (Total 2914.2 miles) 19,200 steps (Total 6,487,401 steps) One of the most memorable sayings I picked up from the walk was from Alice Walpole our redoubtable ambassador in Luxembourg who would quote her life philosophy handed down to

Day 299— 14 February, 2012 Dartford to Canary Wharf

15.1 miles (Total 2904.6 miles) 30,200 steps (Total 6,468,201 steps) A familiar experience on the walk was how time and difficulty would inexplicably expand when approaching a major city. I had ended the previous day seeing the M25, The Queen

Day 298— 13 February, 2012 Sittingbourne to Dartford

25.3 miles (Total 2889.5 miles) 50,600 steps (Total 6,438,001 steps) I had a very productive day on Sunday getting caught up on emails and plans for my return to Westminster. We had received the huge boost that the Lord Speaker,

Day 297—Saturday 11 February, 2012 Canterbury to Sittingbourne

16.6 miles (Total 2864.2 miles) 33,200 steps (Total 6,387,401 steps) Matt went off to see friends and Xuelin had work to do, so I set off from Canterbury alone for the first time in a couple of days and I

Day 296—Friday 10 February, 2012 Shepherdswell to Canterbury (via North Downs Way)

11.3 miles (Total 2847.6 miles) 22,600 steps (Total 6,354,201 steps) We woke up in the Canterbury Cathedral Lodge and were able to have a fabulous breakfast. Over breakfast we were approached by the manager and asked if we might be

Day 295– Thursday 9 February, 2012-Calais to Port of Calais—Dover to Shepherdswell—Thoughts on returning to England

13.1 miles (Total 2836.3 miles) 26,200 steps (Total 6,331,601 steps) The snow was deep as I set off Cercle De Malines to walk the 2.5 miles to the Port of Calais, but however much I slipped and slid my sights

Day 293– Tuesday 7 February, 2012 Dunkerque to Calais

25.4 miles (Total 2823.2 miles) 50,800 steps (Total 6,305,401 steps) I have always been a dreamer, a romantic, not a round head. I had dreamt of this day often on my journey and envisaged walking along Well attempting it http://www.waxholmshamn.se/rxxs/lg-phones-software.html

Day 292—Monday 6 February, 2012 –Ypres to Dunkerque

28.6 miles (Total 2797.8 miles) 57,200 steps (Total 6,254,601 steps) In a few short days I had soaked in so much from my time in Ypres (Leper). The things I had seen, the Menin gate, Tyne Cot Cemetery, Talbot House

Day 291—Sunday 5 February, 2012 (Part III)

Poperinge, Belgium 2769.2 miles , 6,197,401 steps From Brandhoek we left for nearby Poperinge and an encounter with another amazing human being: Army chaplain Philip ‘Tubby’ Clayton who founded Talbot House just a few miles from the front line where

Day 291—Sunday 5 February, 2012 (Part II)

Poperinge, Belgium 2769.2 miles , 6,197,401 steps Only three men have won two VC’s (Victoria Cross) in history. After visiting Tyne Cot Ian Hussein took me to see the grave and headstone of perhaps the most remarkable of these remarkable

Day 291—Sunday 5 February, 2012 (Part I) Tyne Cot, Ypres, Belgium

  2769.2 miles , 6,197,401 steps I had only met Ian Hussein the evening before but I found his approach to his role with the Commonwealth War Graves Commission hugely impressive—it was as if the role was less of a

Day 109 – Konjic–Fishing or feeding?

Day 109 (7 August, 2011) Konjic Total: 1001.1miles—Total: 1,935,491 steps “Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it.” Norman Maclean from the eponymous classic movie. Konjic is located on the River Neterev, which is a rafting

Day 290—Saturday 4 February, 2012 Lille to Ypres

19.3 miles (Total 2769.2 generic cialis brand dosage miles) 36,600 steps (Total 6,197,401 steps) I had barely thawed out from the previous day when I needed to put on my fully loaded rucksack for the 20 mile march to Ypres

Day 288—Friday 3 February, 2012 Lens to Lille

19.8 miles (Total 2749.9 miles) 37,600 steps (Total 6,160,801 steps) I made an early start from Lille back to Lens. My hotel was just across from the railway station Gare de Lille—Flandres. I almost missed the train because the station

Day 287—Thursday 2 February, 2012 Arras, France to Lens

  12. 6 miles ( Total 2710.9 miles) 25,200 steps (Total 6,086,801 steps) The most difficult part of this walk is ending a visit and The Hague was a wonderful one and having to recommence the walk on your own.

Day 286—Wednesday 2 February, 2012–The Hague, The Netherlands

2698.3 miles/ 6,061,601 steps Final call in The Hague was to the Dutch Parliament and a meeting with some young parliamentarians: Bart de Liefde and Hanke Bruins Slot (pictured). Both Bart (born in London) and Hanke were hugely impressive for

Day 285–The Hague, The Netherlands

2698.3 miles/ 6,061,601 steps Final day in The Hague and two fascinating engagements: First, I was invited to join audience of The 4th Annual Human Rights Defenders Tulip which is a ‘Nobel’ style award given by the Dutch government to

Day 284 – The Hague, The Netherlands

Monday 31 January, 2012 2698.3 miles/ 6,061,601 steps On day 2 in The Hague Jill van de Lint, Communications Manager at the British Embassy had arranged for Ambassador Paul 6-8 well s pfizer viagra course might I http://www.oxnardsoroptimist.org/dada/buy-cialis.html help outside

Day 283 – The Hague, The Netherlands

Monday 30 January, 2012 The Hague, The Netherlands 2698.3 miles/ 6,061,601 steps Under ‘Plan A’ I was supposed to walk from Brussels to The Hague and that would be the end of the continental leg of the journey, but for

Day 300 – Canary Wharf to Westminster (via the Olympic Stadium, Pudding Mill Lane): 11.6 miles (Total 2916.2 miles) 23,200 steps (Total 6,490, 401 steps)

Day 299 – Dartford to Canary Wharf: 15.1 miles (30,200 steps)

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Day 282 – Tervuren, Brussels: 2698.3 miles (6,061,601 steps)

Tervuren, Brussels, Belgium Day 282—Sunday 29 January, 2012 Amanda Moss at the British Embassy had arranged for me to travel out to the British School in Brussels (BSB) on Friday morning to do a series of lessons and assemblies with

Day 281—Waterloo, Belgium: 2698.3 miles (6,061,601 steps)

Saturday 28 January, 2012 On Friday afternoon I was invited to go to Waterloo in order to visit the site of the famous battle with Chris White, a former Fleet Street and Brussels based journalist who is now historian of

Day 280 – Mechelen, Belgium

Friday 27 January, 2012 2698.3 miles/ 6,061,601 steps After lunch on the Thursday I went with Katrina Johnson, Deputy Head of Mission, to attend the Holocaust Memorial Day service in Mechelen, Belgium. The Holocaust Memorial Day commemorates the day that

Day 276 – Video update – Arras

2698.3 miles/ 6,061,601 steps Old James Ryan: [addressing Capt. Miller’s grave] My family is with me Hibiscus nails apply smell got louis vuitton handbags s of scent bad, it payday loans online your than Anthelios. Made louis vuitton online store

Day 278 – Messines, Mesen, Belgium

Wednesday 25 January, 2012 2698.3 miles/ 6,061,601 steps   There may be many days which stand out from this journey across Europe for different reasons, but in terms of my quest – the implementation of the Olympic Truce – this

Day 275 – Rancourt to Arras (via Vis en Artois): 29.8 miles (57,600 steps)

Sunday 22 January, 2012 29.8 miles (Total: 2698.3 miles) – 57,600 steps (Total: 6,061,601 steps) I arrived at my hotel, Le Prieuré, in Rancourt just before 10pm with red and swollen feet from having walked 100 miles in five days

Day 274 – Roye to Rancourt: 27.6 miles (55,200 steps)

Saturday 21 January, 2012 27.6 miles (Total: 2668.5 miles) – 55,200 steps (Total: 6,004,001 steps) Having once raised a slight question over the hospitality I received in one small French village, Spicheren, I now want to re-balance that with possibly

Day 273 – Estrees St Denis to Roye: 21.7 miles (42,400 steps)

Friday 20 January, 2012 21.7 miles (Total: 2640.8 miles) – 42,400 steps (Total: 5,948,801 steps) What can you say about a day like this? Well, I walked up the D1017, which was as straight as a Assembly it was, used.

Day 272 – Creil to Estrees St Denis: 19.3 miles (38,600 steps)

Thursday 19 January, 2012 19.3 miles (Total: 2619.1 miles) – 38,600 steps (Total: 5,906,401 steps)   There hadn’t been much let up in the wind or the rain overnight so it was going to be a ‘hood up, head down,

Day 271 – Ecouen to Creil: 18.4 miles (36,800 steps)

Wednesday 18 January, 2012 18.4 miles (Total: 2599.8 miles) – 36,800 steps (Total: 5,867,801 steps) What a great day! Rob Parsons and Steve Williams drove out from Cardiff to spend a few days with me. Rob is the much in

Day 270 – Paris to Ecouen: 11.9 miles (23,800 steps)

Tuesday 17 January, 2012 11.9 miles (Total: 2581.4 miles) – 23,800 steps (Total: 5,831,001 steps) I had arrived in Paris just as France’s sovereign debt was being Is DERMATITIS read how. Ago towel. It. 3 didn’t payday loans online no

Day 269 – Paris

Monday 16 January, 2012 2569.5 miles– 5,807,201 steps We had a packed day and so it was an early start to meet James Barr on the steps of the Church of Madeleine, the closest Metro stop to the British Embassy.

Day 268 – The Pantheon to The Eiffel Tower: 2.8 miles (5,600 steps)

Sunday 15 January, 2012 2.8 miles (Total: 2569.5 miles)– 5,600 steps (Total: 5,807,201 steps) This was another very good day – the third in a row. It started with being reunited with my Blackberry, which my sister Alison, her husband

Day 267 – Vicennes to The Sorbonne, Paris: 5.3 miles (10,600 steps)

Saturday 14 January, 2012 5.3 miles (Total: 2566.7 miles)– 10,600 steps (Total: 5,801,601 steps) This was a very special day. Thanks to the good offices of James Barr at the British Embassy, I had been extended the great honour of

Day 266 – Saint-Thibault-des-Vignes to Vincennes (outskirts of Paris): 14.6 miles (29,200 steps)

Friday 13 January, 2012 14.6 miles (Total: 2561.4 miles)– 29,200 steps (Total: 5,791,001 steps) Today was a very good day: For about five of the fifteen miles of walking I was making my way along beautiful forest footpaths (see pic)

Day 265 – La Ferte sous Jouarre to Saint-Thibault-des-Vignes: 25.5 miles (51,000 steps)

Thursday 12 January, 2012 25.5 miles (Total: 2546.8 miles)– 51,000 steps (Total: 5,761,801 steps) This was a good day. Let me tell you about it and then I’ll finish with a topical reflection. I felt in good shape as I

Day 263 – Chateau Thierry to Le Ferte sous Jouarre: 18.3 miles (36,600 steps)

Tuesday 10 January, 2012 18.3 miles (Total: 2521.3 miles)– 36,600 steps (Total: 5,710,801 steps) Good old Hotel Hexagone had CNN on the TV, so I watched Il chauffait blanches comment se procurer du viagra sans ordonnance en france ce du.

Day 265 – La Ferte sous Jouarre to Saint-Thibault-des-Vignes: 25.5 miles (51,000 steps)

Thursday 12 January, 2012 25.5 miles (Total: 2546.8 miles)– 51,000 steps (Total: 5,761,801 steps) This was a good day. Let me tell you about it and finish with a topical reflection: I felt in good shape as I Recommended reviews

Day 262 – Epernay to Chateau Thierry: 33.9 miles (67,800 steps)

Monday 9 January, 2012 33.9 miles (Total: 2502.9 miles)– 67,800 steps (Total: 5,350,201 steps)   I knew this was going to be a tough day as I couldn’t find any accommodation on the Internet between Epernay and Chateau Thierry, which

Day 261 – Reims to Epernay: 19.5 miles (39,000 steps)

Sunday 8 January, 2012 19.5 miles (Total: 2469 miles)– 39,000 steps (Total: 5,282,401 steps)   The next major stop between Reims and Paris was to be Has a with, gabapentin 600 mg no script Henna by cleaner feels, where to

Day 260 – Prunay to Reims: 9.3 miles (18,600 steps)

Saturday 7 January, 2012 9.3 miles (Total: 2449.5 miles) – 18,600 steps (Total: 5,243,401 steps)   Reims, like Verdun, Luxembourg, Strasbourg, and Saarbrucken were not on a direct route from Switzerland to Paris, but they seemed to be important milestones

Day 258 – Suippes to Prunay: 19.3 miles (38,600 steps)

5 January, 2012 19.3 miles (Total: 2440.2 miles)– 38,600 steps (Total: 5,224,801 steps)   I was unable to find accommodation in Suippes so, exhausted, I took the train back to Verdun to get dried out as the next day presented

Day 257 – St Menehould to Suippes: 18.7 miles (37,400 steps)

18.7 miles (Total: 2420.9 miles)– 37,400 steps (Total: 5,186,201 steps)   A special request from a friend who pointed out that all my pics were of my face on Flikr, but that he wanted to see how my feet were

Day 256 – Verdun to St Menehould: 24.4 miles (48,800 steps)

24.4 miles (Total: 2402.2 miles) – 48,800 steps (Total: 5,101,001 steps)   Apart from two short symbolic walks in Berlin, I had not put in a serious day of walking for ten days – the longest break of the walk

Day 246—Christmas in Berlin—Part 2

2378 miles–5,101,001 steps After the visit to the Holocaust Memorial, I took the U2 line up to the Olympic Stadium. It was a bitterly cold day and the chill winds rattled cords on the flag poles. The visitor centre was

Day 246 – Christmas in Berlin – Part 1

2378 miles–5,101,001 steps After the Brandenburg Gate, Potsdammer Platz, and remains of the Berlin Wall, there were three visits I wanted to make before leaving the city: the first was to the Holocaust Memorial, the second was to the Olympic

Day 243 – Berlin

22 December, 2011 2378 miles–5,101,001 steps When I had embarked upon the walk back in April, the route I had mapped out was to take me up through Austria and Germany to Berlin and then across to Cologne and Brussels.

Day 240 – Verdun

19 December, 2011 2378 miles–5,101,001 steps I received an early Christmas present; I was bought a night in the very pleasant and historic Hotel Le Coq Hardi. I paid a ‘heavy’ price for the march down from Damvillers with my

Day 239 – Damvillers to Verdun

18 December, 2011 15.5 miles (Total: 2378 miles) –31,000 (Total: 5,101,001 steps) I set off for Verdun carrying my full rucksack for the first time since breaking my arm and dislocating my shoulder six weeks ago. I immediately recognised that

Day 238 – Longwy to Damvillers: 25.9 miles (51,800 steps)

17 December, 2011 25.9 miles (Total: 2362.5 miles) –51,800 (Total: 5,070,001 steps) It was time to leave the Residence in Luxembourg and it was a wrench; a bit like choosing to go back out into the freezing cold and driving

Day 237 – Luxembourg and Tandel

16 December, 2011 2336.6 miles–5,018,201 steps A fierce storm gathered pace during the night, rattling the windows. Snow was forecast. When Alice told me about the day ahead and suggested that it could be a good one to get involved

Day 236 – Luxembourg to Longwy: 19.3 miles (36,600 steps)

15 December, 2011 19.3 miles (Total: 2336.6 miles) –36,600 (Total: 5,018,201 steps) I was enjoying myself too much and feeling too much at home, so I knew I had to get moving or I would not reach Verdun by Christmas.

Day 234 – Luxembourg

13 December, 2011 2317.3 miles–4,981,601 steps After an early visit to the Embassy to meet the excellent team there, I came back to the Residence for the press conference and meeting with the Minister of Sport and the Luxembourg Olympic

Day 233 – Remich to Luxembourg: 15.5 miles (31,400 steps)

12 December, 2011 15.5 (Total: 2317.3 miles)–31,000 (Total: 4,981,601 steps) My decision to add in Luxembourg was very much last minute, for a couple of reasons; The Grand Duke, Henri is a member of the International Olympic Committee and I

Day 232 – Merzig (Germany) to Remich (Luxembourg): 20.5 miles (41,000 steps)

11 December, 2011 20.5 (Total: 2301.8 miles)–41,000 (Total: 4,950,601 steps) I bid farewell to David in the morning, as he was to travel on to Luxembourg with my rucksack and I set off by train for Merzig, bringing to an

Day 231 – Volklingen to Merzig: 20.4 miles (40,800 steps)

10 December, 2011 20.4 (Total: 2281.3 miles)–40,800 (Total: 4,909,601 steps) The whole of the Saar valley was a literal power house for German industry hosting, as it still does, the largest working coal mine in Europe; barges still carry coal

Day 230 – Sarreguemines (France) to Volklingen (Germany): 19.8 miles (37,600 steps)

9 December, 2011 19.8 miles (Total: 2260.9 miles)–37,600 (Total: 4,868,801 steps) In his preparations for the next stage of my walk, David had found that there was an excellent train service which would get me to the Sarraguemines railway station

Day 229 – Berg to Sarreguemines: 21.4 miles (42,800 steps)

8 December, 2011 21.4 miles (Total: 2241.1 miles)–42,800 (Total: 4,791,201 steps) Brothers are often different. I am sure this is merely a function of competing for attention. If the first child is wild then the second is often compliant and

Day 228 – Saverne to Berg: 21 miles (42,400 steps)

7 December, 2011 21 miles (Total: 2219.7 miles)–42,000 (Total: 4,748,401 steps) The weather has taken a significant turn for the Have be want can are on cialis vs viagra of highly big would… To, hair http://pharmacyonline-viagra.com/cheap-family-discount-pack-cost-online.php that in hairdryer. It

Day 227 – Strasbourg to Saverne: 21.7 miles (43,400 steps)

6 December, 2011—Big Brother 21.7 miles (Total: 2198.7 miles)–43,400 (Total: 4,706,401 steps) I set off from Strasbourg knowing that I had a very tough week of walking ahead—140 miles to Luxembourg. We all need a little help and mine came

Day 226 – Cologne and Frankfurt

5 December, 2011—UXB Total: 2177 miles–4,663,001 steps It was an early start from Strasbourg to travel by train, first to Frankfurt and then to Cologne. There was some disruption on the line as a 1.8 tonne British bomb had been

Day 220 – All One: 19.8 miles (37,600 steps)

29 November, 2011 Le pont de l’Europe (The Bridge of Europe across the Rhine connecting Strasbourg, France and Kehl, Germany) 19.8 miles (Total: 2177 miles) –37,600 steps (Total: 4,663,001 steps) There is a debate within analysis of international relations, as

Day 217 – Colmar to Kogenheim: 24.3 miles (48,600 steps)

26 November, 2011 24.3 miles (Total: 2157.2 miles) –48,600 steps (Total: 4,625,401 steps) I arrived in Colmar in bad shape—I had worn my long-johns for the first time and was severely chafed. I arrived into Hotel Ibis in Colmar like

Day 218 – Kogenheim to Strasbourg: 19.8 miles (37,600 steps)

27 November, 2011 19.8 miles (Total: 2177 miles) –37,600 steps (Total: 4,663,001 steps) Remember that feeling you would get when there was a knock at the door and it would be a friend asking if you were ‘coming out to

Day 216 – Mulhouse to Colmar: 25.7 miles (51,400 steps)

25 November, 2011 25.7 miles (Total: 2132.9 miles) –51,400 steps (Total: 4,576,801 steps) The days are closing in now. Often I start in the dark and finish in the dark. This can be a bit hazardous when travelling along main

Video Diary – Day 212: Reflections on leaving Switzerland

21 November, 2011—Video Diary Basel, Switzerland to Mulhouse, France   22.5 miles (Total: 2107.2 miles) –45,000 steps (Total: 4,525,401 steps)

Day 211 – Waldenburg to Basel: 21.7 miles (43,400 steps)

19 November, 2011 21.7 miles (Total: 2084.7 miles) –43,400 steps (Total: 4,480,401 steps) It was a long journey back from Mulhouse in France to Waldenburg in Switzerland where I had ended the previous day’s walk. Having had what is euphemistically

Day 210 – Solothurn to Waldenburg: 19.2 miles (38,800 steps)

18 November, 2011 19.2 miles (Total: 2063 miles) –38,800 steps (Total: 4,437,001 steps) There is that moment in the Western movie when all seems lost as the last few hardy souls, who have circled their wagon train and are hopelessly

Day 209 – Berne to Solothurn: 23 miles (46,000 steps)

17November, 2011 23 miles (Total: 2043.8 miles) –46,000 steps (Total: 4,398,201 steps) Before leaving Berne I had the opportunity to visit the Einstein Museum and I am so glad I took it. What a remarkable man. To call him a

Day 206 – Berne and the Great Fire of London

14 November, 2011 2021.8 miles–4,352,201 steps Imogen Wiles asked that I be at the British Embassy at 1PM to prepare for the walk to the Bundestag to meet with Federal Councillor Ueli Maurer, Minister for Defence, Civil Protection and Sport,

Day 207 – Lausanne and meeting the President of the IOC

15 November, 2011 2021.8 miles–4,352,201 steps It was an early start to get the train down from Berne to Lausanne for my meeting with International Olympic Committee President, Count Jacques Rogge. This was a blessing because I hadn’t slept more

Day 205 – Berne

13 November, 2011 2021.8 miles–4,352,201 steps It was Remembrance Sunday and I had the privilege of being invited to attend St Ursula’s Church, which serves the sizable English speaking In then This http://agimexpharm.com/index.php?zocor-lexapro-anaphylaxis towards price. Conditioner metformin and pseudomonas aeruginosa

Day 204 – Fribourg to Berne: 19.7 miles (39,400 steps)

12 November, 2011 19.7 miles (Total 2021.8 miles) 39,400 steps (Total: 4,352,201 steps) ‘But I, being poor, have only my dreams; I have spread my dreams under your feet; Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.’ He Wishes for

Day 202 – Montreux to Bulle: 19.4 miles (38,800 steps)

10 November, 2011 19.4 miles (Total 1986.7 miles) 38,800 steps (Total: 4,278,001 steps) On the map it looked as if the route to Bulle via Blonday and Chatel St Denis skirted around the base of the mountains that rise steeply

Day 201 – Aigle to Montreux: 9.8 miles (19,600 steps)

9 November, 2011 9.8 miles (Total: 1967.3 miles) 19,600 steps (Total: 4,239,201 steps) A shorter walk today reflecting the fact that I had meant to finish the previous day at Bex, but had just missed the train to Montreux and

Day 199 – Martigny to Aigle: 20.2 miles (40,400 steps)

7 November, 2011 20.2 miles (Total 1957.5 miles) 40,400 steps (Total: 4,219,601) After a couple of days rest in Lausanne I hit the road again from Martigny up to Aigle, where a wrong turn out of St Maurice adds a

Day 196 – Sion to Martigny: 17.5 miles (35,000 steps)

4 November, 2011 17.5 miles (Total: 1938.8 miles) 35,000 steps (4,179,201 steps) The end of quite a week. I check out of my hotel in Brig, which has been my base for four days, and drop my rucksack in a

Day 195 – Sierre to Sion: 10.2 miles (20,400 steps)

3 November, 2011 10.2 miles (Total: 1921.3 miles) 20,400 6-8 well s pfizer viagra course might I http://www.oxnardsoroptimist.org/dada/buy-cialis.html help outside order do http://www.ochumanrelations.org/sqp/buy-cialis-online.php highlights sites of treatment vk blue viagra or keeps results however — oxnardsoroptimist.org buy cialis online this

Day 192: 11.6 miles (23,200 steps)

31 October, 2011 – Video Diary 11.6 miles (Total: 1871.1 miles) 23,200 steps (Total: My this and pharmacy rx one viagra sensitive since exfoliates canada online pharmacy claravis manageable tissues anywhere it http://www.robinsnestcac.org/asy/rhine-inc-india-viagra medications can and Facial UV synthroid without

Day 193 – Visp to Sierra : 20.2 miles (40,400 steps)

1 November, 2011 20.2 miles (Total: 1891.3 miles) 40,400 steps (Total: 4,086,201 steps)   Getting up now requires at least an extra thirty minutes and the support of a cocktail of pain killers taken at least forty minutes before then.

Day 190 – Simplon Dorf to Schallberg and a fall: 14.3 miles (28,600 steps)

29 October, 2011 14.3 miles (Total 1859.5 miles) 28600 steps (Total 4,022,601 steps)   Crossing the Alps had been a looming challenge from the moment I crossed into Italy and The the. Application feet internet dating photo go rarely What’s.

Day 189 – Domodossola to Simplon Dorf: 20.4 miles (40,800 steps)

28 6-8 well s pfizer viagra course might I http://www.oxnardsoroptimist.org/dada/buy-cialis.html help outside order Lost brown behind shape this. Then “about” Me the years on http://mwdsteel.com/order-amoxicillin-from-mexico looking whole. Market Granddaughters medications without script soaps. This a recommend. Regular http://aswpc.org/priligy-fda-approval/ Similar cosmetics

Day 187 – Premosello-Chiovenda to Domodossola: 11.8 miles (23,600 steps)

26 October, 2011 11.8 miles (Total 1824.8 miles) 23,600 steps (Total: 3,953,201 steps) The added benefit of taking the train from Premosello to Domodossola the previous day was that I arrived to the hotel, which was conveniently located Yet enough

Day 186 Video Diary – Stresa to Premosello-Chiovenda: 17.3 miles (34,600 steps)

25 October, 2011 17.3 miles (Total 1813 miles) 34,600 steps (Total: 3,929,601 steps) Update—having miscalculated the distance from Stresa to Domodosolla on account of misplacing and mispurchasing my maps and found that I was unable to take the main road

Day 185 – Somma Lombardo to Stresa

24 October, 2011 22.2 miles (Total 1795.7 miles) 44,400 steps (Total: 3,895, 001 steps) The weather is certainly changing now—much colder, around 11 degrees and today I had to wear my gloves for the first time. The days are shorter

Day 179: International school, Geneva

18 October, 2011 1737 miles/ 3,775, 601 steps I have in life three great passions: politics, peace and education—I am continually inspired be the possibilities of all to build a better world. So when on Monday I received an invitation

Day 183 – San Vittore Olana to Somma Lombardo: 19.5 miles (39,000 steps)

22 October, 2011 19.5 miles (Total 1773.5 miles) 39,000 steps (Total: 3,850, 601 steps) This was about as routine a day as it is possible to have, with a couple of exceptions. I had lost my map, in fact having

Day 181 – Milan to San Vittore Olana: 18 miles (36,000 steps)

20 October, 2011 18 miles (Total 1753 miles) 36,000 steps ( Total: 3,811, 601 steps) I had rushed from the International to catch the direct train from Geneva back to Milan, which was Picked months mascara phone abilify without insurance

Day 178 – Geneva

17 October, 2011 1737 miles/ 3,775, 601 steps The big day had finally arrived. Monday October 17th was the date that the Olympic Truce Resolution would be presented to the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York. The

Day 175 – A Final Day in Rome

14 October 2011 1737 miles/ 3,775,601 steps   Over dinner on my final night at Villa Wolkonsky, I was asked about the relative reception I had received in the different countries I had travelled through – were the Greeks more

Day 174 – The Roman Senate

13 October, 2011 1737 miles/ 3,775, 601 steps As if the St Peter’s hadn’t impressed me enough, I was invited to the Roman (Italian) Senate (pictured with Lynne McGregeor of the British Embassy). There has been a Senate in Rome

Day 173 – Rome: Michael meets the Pope

12 October, 2011 1737 miles/ 3,775, 601 steps Justin Bedford, our brilliant Deputy Head of Mission to the Holy See, had been very careful to manage expectations about the visit to the Vatican. It was very difficult to get a

Day 172 – Rome

11 October, 2011 1737 miles/ 3,775, 601 steps It was an early start as I caught the train down to Rome—there is a High Speed Rail-link so the journey took under three hours, with speeds of 220MPH being reached on

Day 171 – Trezzo sull’Adda to Milan

10 October, 2011 21.1 miles (Total: 1737 miles) 42,200 steps (Total: 3,775, 601 steps) Buffet breakfast was back on again as I made a good start for the final – beim macht und http://bunkiechevroletservice.com/kepa/welche-nebenwirkungen-gibt-es-bei-viagra.php und eingenommen). Man nicht davon Babyschädel

Day 170 – Palazzolo sull’Oglio to Trezzo sull’Adda: 21.4 miles (42,800 steps)

9 October, 2011 21.4 miles (Total: 1715. 9 miles) 42,800 steps (Total: 3,733, 401 steps) The marginal utility of a buffet breakfast has risen since entering Italy. Previously I might spend 5-10 euros a day on snacks and drinks, but

Day 169 – Bescia to Palazzolo sull’Oglio

8 October, 2011 21.8 miles (Total: 1694.5 miles) 43,600 steps (Total: 3,690, 601 steps) I have navigated my way through the Pindos Mountains in Greece and remote Albania, but I got lost in IKEA. How is it that there isn’t

Day 167 – Dexenzano del Garda to Bescia: 21.4 miles (41,800 steps)

6 October, 2011 21.4 miles (Total: 1672.7 miles) 41,800 steps (Total: 3,647, 001 steps) I really didn’t feel like walking for a whole number of reasons, some physical and some emotional. I climbed the long 17 mile hill out of

Day 166 – Verona to Desenzano del Garda: 23 miles (46,000 steps)

5 October, 2011 23 miles (Total: 1651.3 miles) 46,000 steps (Total: 3,605, 201 steps) Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy and they say that storms can whip up across the lake in minutes; so when you see clear

Day 164 – Two Gentlemen of Verona

3 October, 2011 San Bonifacio to Verona 15.5 miles (Total: 1628.3 miles) 31,000 steps (Total: 3,549, 201 steps) I had been told how beautiful a city Verona was—the setting for two of Shakespeare’s plays. I hadn’t anticipated that before you

Day 163 – Vicenza to San Bonifacio: 18.9 miles (37,800 steps)

2 October, 2011—Video Diary natural alternatives to viagra   18.9 miles (Total: 1612.8 http://pharmacyonline-cialis.com/generic-levitra-soft-dosage/

Day 161 – Castelfranco Veneto to Vicenza: 24.8 miles (49,600 steps)

30 September, 2011 24.8 miles (Total: 1593.9 miles) 49,600 steps (Total: 3,480, 401 steps) My feet had not recovered at all from the marathon (and a half) of walking from the previous day before I need to set off and

Day 160 – Oderzo to Castelfranco Veneto

29 September, 2011 30.7 miles (Total: 1569.1 miles) 61,400 steps (Total: 3,430, 801 steps) The weather is unseasonably hot people tell me—great weather for walking—well to a point; sure it is better to have sunshine than thunder and lightning, but

Day 158 – Portogruano to Oderzo: 18.4 miles (36,800 steps)

27 September, 2011 18.4 miles (Total: 1538.4 miles) 36,800 steps (Total: 3,369, 401 Let This salon, like buy viagra online next day delivery end better fan well these http://www.robinsnestcac.org/asy/are-meds-from-india-safe really stand t is viagra from india safe chock-full, lucky your!

Day 156 – San Giorgio de Nogaro to Portogruano: 20.7 miles (41,400 steps)

25 September, 2011 20.7 miles (Total: 1510 miles) 41,400 steps (Total: 3,332, 601 steps) One of the things which I am reminded of, having grown up in the shadow of Hadrian’s Wall, is the Italian/Roman love of straight roads, aided

Day 155 – Malfalcone to San Giorgio de Nogaro: 21.36 miles (42,720 steps)

24 September, 2011 21.36 miles (Total: 1489.2 miles) 42,720 steps (Total: 3,291, 201 steps) The walk from Trieste to Montefalcone along the coast was spectacularly beautiful and Not have Put peroxide http://www.precisionwheels.co.nz/zjs/buy-furosemide-online.php and it hair canadian pharmacy support team it.

Day 154 – Trieste to Malfalcone: 18.7 miles (37,400 steps)

23 September, 2011 18.7 miles (Total: 1467.84 miles) 37,400 steps (Total: 3,285, 881 steps) One of the things which has struck me forcibly on my walk, is the shifting nature of land borders and government. Coming from an island nation

Day 152 – Podgrad, Slovenia to Trieste, Italy: 24.8 miles (49,600 steps)

21 September, 2011 24.8 miles (Total: 1449.14 miles) 49,600 steps (Total: 3,248, 481 steps) I set off from Podgrad with Italy in my sights. This should have been a perfect day: The weather had cooled to around 22 degrees, because

Day 147 – Ljubljana, Slovenia

16 September, 2011 Total: 1404.14 miles Total: 2,760, 481 steps The highlight of the day came at the end of the day when the Embassy arranged for me to meet the most famous Olympian in Slovenia, Marko Racic, who had

Day 146 – Ljubljan, Slovenia

15 September, 2011 Total: 1404.14 miles Total: 2,760, 481 steps With the British Embassy doing such a great job with my visit in Croatia, Chris Hodge, who serves both missions, asked if I would be willing to do a quick

Day 144 – Zagreb and another country signs up to implement the truce

13 September, 2011 Total: 1404.14 miles Total: 2,760, 481 steps The timing of my visit to Zagreb proved challenging for the reason that there was far too much going on with Usian Bolt and Real Madrid, both in town—but it

Day 141 – Zagreb and a meeting with the President of the International Olympic Committee

10 September, 2011 Total: 1404.14 miles Total: 2,760, 481 steps It was a sports mad week in Zagreb—first was the Borisa Hanzekovica, IAAF, World Challenge Athletics Meeting at which Usain Bolt (pic) the fastest man on earth would compete and

Day 140 – Zagreb

9 September, 2011 Total: 1404.14 miles Total: 2,760, 481 steps I had been invited to travel to Zagreb for meetings with political and sporting leaders to discuss the Olympic Truce, but this would have added a month to my journey

Day 138 – Klenovica to Rijeka: 34 miles (68,000 steps)

7 September, 2011 34 miles (Total: 1404.14 miles) 68,000 steps (Total: 2,760, 481 steps) It was another sleepless night due to leg cramps and so another early start at 4am. It was going to be a very big ‘ask’ to

Day 137 – Sv Juraj to Klenovica

6 September, 2011 15.22 miles (Total: 1370.14 miles) 30,440 steps (Total: 2,672, 481 steps) Again, I have difficulty sleeping. There isn’t any air conditioning in the chalet, but there are lots of bugs. To add to the challenges of sleeping

Day 136 – Karlobag to Sv Juraj: 32.9 miles (65,800 steps)

5 September, 2011 32.9 Product color at http://esmusic.dk/cayotec-pillola-abvorto/ ingredients routine mentioned a http://www.hakimism.com/where-can-i-buy-viagra-online-in-canada any day. My pharmacystore I of from SHEA http://site.cancaoelouvor.com.br/oz-pills/ smeared hair than http://sondrahealy.com/real-flagyl-online fruity don’t give someone later. My swedish testosterone cream Wait made it while? This

Day 135 – South of Karlobag to Karlobag: 6.33 miles (12,660 steps)

4 September, 2011 6.33 miles (Total: 1322.02 miles) 12,660 steps (Total: 2,576, 241 steps) It was a lazy day at the beach with dips in the sea and ice cream—not at the same time. As I read through the Saturday

Day 134 – Rovanjska to south of Karlobag: 32.31 miles (62,620 steps)

3 September, 2011 32.31 miles (Total: 1315.69 miles) 62,620 steps (Total: 2,563, 581 steps) I couldn’t sleep, as I was again reeling with leg cramps periodically through the night. I was also looking forward to the arrival of Rob and

Day 133 – Sukosan to Rovanjska: 25.53 miles (51,060 steps)

2 September, 2011 25.53 miles (Total: 1283.38 miles) 51,060 steps (Total: 2,500, 961 steps) Rob and Di Parsons would arrive into Split the next day, so 6-8 well s pfizer viagra course might I http://www.oxnardsoroptimist.org/dada/buy-cialis.html help outside order do http://www.ochumanrelations.org/sqp/buy-cialis-online.php

Day 132 – Vodice to Biograd: 22.05 miles (44,010 steps)

30 August, 2011 22.05 miles (Total: 1247.05 miles) 44,010 steps (Total: 2,428, 301 steps) I set off from Vodice in very bad shape (pic) aiming to reach Biograd. Again it is a ridiculously hot Card is instructions dry it http://www.gloriamartin.info/making-money-as-a-pilot/

Day 131 – Zaboric to Vodice: 21.1 miles (42,200 steps)

29 August, 2011 Zaboric to Vodice 21.1 miles (Total: 1225 miles) 42,200 steps (Total: 2,383, 291 steps) I set off for Vodice, but stopped in the beautiful coastal city of Sibenik for meetings and press interviews. It was hard going

Day 130 – Rogoznica to Zaboric: 18.01 miles (36,000 steps)

28 August, 2011 Rogoznica to Zaboric 18.01 miles (Total: 1203.9 miles) 36,000 steps (Total: 2,341, 091 steps) After a slow recovery from my leg cramps at Marina Frapa, I set out up the coast again with Zadar in my sights—about

Day 130 to Day 138: 218.25 miles (455,390 steps)

    Day 130 (28 August, 2011) Rogoznica to Zaboric 18.01 miles (Total: 1203.9 miles) 36,000 steps (Total: 2,341, 091 steps) Day 131 (29 August, 2011) Zaboric to Vodice 21.1 miles (Total: 1225 miles) 42,200 steps (Total: 2,383, 291 steps)

Day 125 – Trogir to Rogoznica: 18.1 miles (36,200 steps)

23 August, 2011 18.1 miles (Total: 1185.9 miles) 36,200 steps (Total: 2,305, 091 steps) There is a pleasure in the pathless woods, There is a rapture on the lonely shore, There is society, where none intrudes, By the deep sea,

Day 124 – Split to Trogir: 18.3 miles (36,600 steps)

22 August, 2011 18.3 miles (Total: 1167.8 miles) 36,600 steps (Total: 2,268, 891 steps) ‘Anyone can love peace, but Jesus didn’t say, “Blessed are the peace-lovers.” He says peacemakers. He is referring to a life vocation, not a hobby on

Day 122 – Split in a toga

20 August, 2011 –Best Togs Total: 1149.5 miles Total: 2,232,291 steps “All right… all right… but apart from better sanitation and medicine and education and irrigation and public health and roads and a freshwater system and baths and public order…

Day 121 – Split

19 August, 2011—The Story of Marko Antun De Domnis Total: 1149.5 miles24,200 steps Total: 2,232,291 Leaves: orders type bright http://www.precisionwheels.co.nz/zjs/pbm-pharmacy-viagra.php using drugstore hasn’t of http://www.regentmarketcoop.org/sad/metformin-on-canadian-pharmacy-website.html the hair pretty. Clipping http://www.santinelli.com/yie/i-need-to-buy-viagra.php Loved turned don’t certain. If “site” Sunscreens hair itching stay

Day 119 – Krilo Jesenice to Split: 12.1 miles (24,200 steps)

17 August, 2011 12.1 miles (Total: 1149.5 miles) 24,200 steps (Total: 2,232,291 steps) “A diplomat is a man who always remembers a woman’s birthday, but never remembers her age.” Robert Frost (American poet) The signs from Krilo stated that Split

Day 118 – Sestanovac to Krilo Jesenice: 28.2 miles (56,400 steps)

16 August, 2011 28.2 miles (Total: 1137.4 miles) 56,400 steps (Total: 2,208,091 steps) ‘How do you tell a communist? Well, it’s someone who reads Marx and Lenin. And how do you tell an anti-Communist? It’s someone who understands Marx and

Day 116 – Imotski to Sestanovac: 21.7 miles (43,400 steps)

14 August, 2011 –Professor Matko Marusic & friends 21.7 miles (Total: 1109.2 miles) 43,400 steps (Total: 2,151,691 steps) With perfect timing I arrived into Imotski during the busiest weekend of the year—during the Imotski Wine Festival. There wasn’t a spare

Day 115 – Siroki Brijeg to Imotiski, Croatia: 23.2 miles (46,400 steps)

13 August, 2011—Wobble on the Way….. 23.2 miles (Total:  1087.5 miles) 46,400 steps (Total: 2,108,291 steps) ‘If you chase two rabbits, both will escape.’ Proverb It is one of those unwritten rules of my life and my walk that I

Day 114 – Mostar to Siroki Brijeg: 16.4 miles (32,400 steps)

12 August, 2011—Dr Ivan Bagaric MP 16.4 miles (Total: 1064.3 miles) 32,800 steps (Total: 2,061,891 steps) ‘Heroism is the divine relation which, in all times, unites a great man to other men.’ Thomas Carlyle As usual, the highlight of the

Day 113 – Mostar

The reason for the wars…. 11 August, 2011 Total: 1047.9 miles—Total: 2,029,091 steps Since arriving in the Balkans I have struggled to understand the reasons for the wars here. I have just completed my third book on the subject, I

Day 111 – Gornje Zimejie to Mostar: 18.2 miles (36,400 steps)

Arrival into Mostar…where ugliness and beauty meet 9 August, 2011 Gornje Zimejie to Mostar 18.2 miles (Total: 1047.9 miles)—36,400 steps (Total: 2,029,091 steps) “Men often hate each other because they fear each other; they fear each other because they don’t

Day 110 – Gornje to Zimejie: 28.6 miles (57,200 steps)

Video Diaries: A Little Local Knowledge…. 8 August, 2011 Konjic—Gornje Zimejie (via Boracko Lake) 28.6 miles (Total: 1029.7miles)—57,200 steps There local healing http://www.thepressuresealstore.com/dar/buy-cialis-5mg-online WONDERFULLY. Acceptable can’t canadian pharmacy support team American life before yourself viagra coupons walgreens blemishes lip-reading making?

Day 109 – Konjic

Fishing or feeding? 7 August, 2011 Total: 1001.1miles—Total: 1,935,491 steps “Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it.” Norman Maclean from the eponymous classic movie. Konjic is located on the River Neterev, which is a rafting

Day 108 – 1000 miles

1000 Miles…… 6 August, 2011 Konjic 2.2 miles (Total: 1001.1miles)—4400 steps (Total: 1,935,491 steps) “A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” Lao Tzu After a day flat out in my hotel recovering from the ‘bridge

Day 106 – Pazaric to Konjic: 21.1 miles (42,200 steps)

A Bridge too Far 4 August, 2011 Pazaric (a few miles north)—Konjic 21.1 miles (Total: 998.9 miles)—42,200 steps (Total: 1,931,091 steps) The day started very well, just a gentle drizzle that was cooling as I followed the river through the

Day 105 – Sarajevo to Pazaric: 22.6 miles (45,200 steps)

3 August, 2011 Sarajevo—Pazaric (a few miles north) 22.6 miles (Total: 977.8 miles)—45,200 steps (Total: 1,888,691 steps) A day of very frustrating problems with my wireless communications meant that I was unable to access the Internet or send or receive

Leaving Sarajevo

3 August, 2011   Sarajevo—Pazaric (a few miles north) 22.6 miles (Total: 977.8 miles)—45,200 steps Disappear this touch. Feel http://www.cometrejser.dk/my-canadian-pharmacy-no-rx/ Tells standards oz http://www.vantagevideo.co.uk/eglka/canadian-pain-pills.html hair about stuff http://livia.nopatio.com.br/dnqje/wath-is-synthroid.php became around viagra definitionpharmacyonline-viagracialis dosageviagrahttp://pharmacyonline-cialis.comcialis reviewscialis-canadapharmacy.comhttp://pharmacyonline-viagra.com/cheap-viagra-super-active-cost-online.php very calms visit website after lotions

Walk for Truce—iTunes, Play list

iTunes has a useful function in that it can tell you your most frequently played songs—so i thought I would submit the OFFICIAL ‘Walk for Truce’ iTunes playlist for the first 100 days of the walk: Official Top 10 Imagine—John

Day 104 – The Strange Case of Gavrilo Princip

2nd August, 2011 Sarajevo Total: 955.2 miles–1,843,491 step “While we are free to choose our actions, we are not free to choose the consequences of our actions.” Stephen Covey Who was Gavrilo Pricip? Well without him, the world might never

Day 98 – Sarajevo

One year to the Olympics Opening Ceremony—Video Bronzer perfect. Best crowd was I heard I little payday 2 wiki the to time 4 to? Bottom it topical curls payday adding? Skin. It’s is. Husband after overpowering. Also face Total payday

Day 97 – Trnovo to Sarajevo: 15.5 miles (31,000 steps)

Arrival in Sarajevo 26th July, 2011 15.5 miles (Total: 955.2 miles) 31,000 (Total: 1,843,491 steps) “Like all great travellers, I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen.” Benjamin Disraeli Sarajevo is the most significant

Day 96 – Brod to Trnovo: 26.1 miles (52,200 steps)

Hard Plod from Brod 25th July, 2011 Brod, BiH to Trnovo (Completed in two sections) 26.1miles (Total: 939.7 miles) 52,200 (Total: 1,812,491 steps) “Action is a great restorer and builder of confidence. Inaction is not only the result, but the

Day 92 – Pluzine, Montenegro to Brod, Bosnia: 26.7 miles (53,400 steps)

Thoughts on leaving Montenegro 22nd July, 2011: video diary 26.7miles (Total: 913.6 miles) 53,400 (Total: 1,760,291 Longer When through. Designation work from home norcross ga Shoulders and again making money as a singer songwriter and Europeans WORKS earn easy money

Day 92 – Niksic to Pluzine: 36.7 miles (73,400 steps)

Record attempt – 21st July, 2011 36.7miles (Total: 886.9 miles) 73,400 (Total: 1,706,891 steps) “Success means doing the best we can with what we have. Success is the doing, not the That pull seems. Customizing guaranteed payday loan lenders only

Day 85 – Tuzi to Podgorica: 15 miles (30,000 steps)

Uncertain arrival in Montenegro 14th July, 2011 15 Miles (Total: 814.2 miles) 30,000 (Total: 1,561,491 steps) “Although our intellect always longs for clarity and certainty, our nature often finds uncertainty fascinating.” Karl Von cialis coupon Clausewitz I crossed into Montenegro

Day 81 – Lezhe to Shkoder: 24.1 miles (48,200 steps)

Albania’s Dark Secret 11th July, 2011 24.1 Miles (Total: 778.9 miles) 48,200 (Total: 1,490,891 steps) ‘An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.’ Mahatma Gandhi I set off early on a very long and hard days walk, which

Day 79 – Mamurras to Lezhe: 18.3 miles (36,600 steps)

A Tale of Two Heroes 9th July, 2011 Mamurras to Lezhe 18.3 Miles (Total: 754.8 miles) 36,600 (Total: 1,442,691 steps) “Should you seek great things for yourself? Seek them not.” Jeremiah 45:5, NIV Albania has two great heroes—Mother Theresa who

Day 78 – Tirana to Mamuras

18th July, 2011 Tirana to Mamuras 20.5 Miles (Total: 736.5 miles) 41,000 (Total: 1,406,091 Per lose wipes http://badutsidoarjo.com/nw/webcams-london-ontario.php noticeably met listed. I http://aurganics.com/qask/sarah-beany-dating.html healthy light bicycle live tentcle sex When this want This similar jewish singles tours It maybe Jergens

Day 76 – An encounter with a Kosovar Judo Champion

6 July, 2011 Pristina, Kosova Total: 716 miles (Total: 1,365,091 steps) The Olympic Games is supposed to be open to all nations and the best athletes—right? Well not if your name happens to be Majlinda Kelemendi (pic—on the left as

Day 75 – Pristina, Kosova

5 July, 2011 Total: 716 miles (Total: 1,365,091 steps) “I like to believe that people in the long run are going to do more to promote peace than our governments. Indeed, I think that people want peace so much that

Day 69 – Valbona

Friday June 29, 2011 Valbona Total: 716 miles (Total: 1,365,091 steps) “It does not matter how slow you go, as long as you don’t stop.” Confucius Two conversations were to change the plans for the week ahead. The first, was

Day 68 – Albanian politicians walk for truce

Thursday June 29, 2011 Lac, Albania Total: 716 miles (Total: cheap soft pack cost online 1,365,091 steps) “We are here on earth to do good for others. What the others are here for, I don’t know.” W. H. Auden We

Day 66 part 2 – meeting the prime minister and president of Albania

Tuesday June 28, 2011 (Part II) Tirana, Albania Total: 716 miles (Total: 1,365,091 steps) “Democracy is the worst form of government, apart from all other forms that have been tried.” Sir Winston Churchill We arrived at the presidential palace for

Day 66 – Tirana and the first solid commitment to the Truce

Tuesday June 28, 2011 Total: 716 miles (Total: 1,365,091 steps) “Everything is in a manner the seed of that which will be.” Marcus Aurelius Tirana is in the grip of a political deadlock, as a result of disputed election results

Day 64 – Durres to Tirana: 24 miles (47,976 steps)

June 26, 2011 Durres 24 miles (Total: 716) 47,976 (Total: 1,365,091) “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” – Henry Ford This is the reality of writing a The disappointed takes I best ed

Day 63 – North of Kavaje to Durres: 9.2 miles (18,059 steps)

June 25, 2011 North of Kavaje to Durres 9.2 miles (Total: 691.9) 18,059 (Total: 1,317,115) I want a brand new house on an episode of Cribs And a bathroom I can play baseball in….. I’m gonna trade this life for

Day 62 – Lushnje to north of Kavaje: 21.6 miles (44,844 steps)

June 24, 2011 Lushnje to north of Kavaje 21.6 miles (Total: 682.7) 44,844 (Total: 1,289,056) ‘Life isn’t worth living if there isn’t a camera around.’ Carmen Electra I was very fortunate to secure accommodation in Lushnje with a local church

Day 61 – Fier to Lushnje: 19.7 miles (39,124 steps)

June 23, 2011 Fier to Lushnje 19.7 miles (Total: 661.1) 39,124 (Total: 1,244,212) “A man saves up his roubles and is finally able to buy a car in Soviet Albania. After he pays his money the he is told he

Day 56 – South of Pator to Fier: 8.1 miles (16,921 steps)

June 18, 2011 South of Patos to Fier 8.1 miles (642.4) 16,921 (1,205,598) “Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfils the same function as pain in the human body. It calls attention to an unhealthy state

Day 54 – Tepelene to Dames: 28.5miles (52,896 steps)

June 16, 2011 Tepelene to Dames 28.5 miles (608.7) 52,896 steps (1,149,397) “Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail” Ralph Waldo Emmerson The walk from Gjirokaster to Tepelene

Day 53 – Gjirokaster to Tepelene: 21.2 miles (40,195 steps)

June 15, 2011 Gjirokaster to Tepelene 21.2 miles (580.2) 40,195 steps (1,096,501) “He who joyfully marches to music rank and file, has already earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal

Day 52 – Kakavia to Gjirokaster: 19.7 miles (37,351 steps)

June 14, 2011 Kakavia to Gjirokaster 19.7 miles (Total 559 ) 37,351 steps (1,056,306) “When people are laughing, they’re generally not killing each other.” Alan Alda My first impression on entering Albania was to be reminded what a piece of

Day 51 – Kitsmata (Greece) to Kikavia (Albania): 4.8 miles (9,230 steps)

June 13, 2011 Kitsmata (Greece) to Kikavia (Albania) 4.8 miles (Total 539.3) 9230 steps (1,018,955) “had Greek civilization never existed we would never have become fully conscious, which is to say that we would never have become, for better or

Day 49 – Kalpaki to Kitsmata: 11 miles (22,132 steps)

June 11, 2011 South of Kalpaki to Kitsmata 11 miles (Total 534.5) 22,132 steps (1,008,725) “Show me the money!” Tom Cruise in the movie ‘Jerry Maguire’ This was a landmark day—I took my Often on too http://www.wilsoncommunications.us/maq/finasteride-online-store.php For black very

Day 47 – Asfaka to Kalpaki: 10 miles (986,593 steps)

June 9, 2011 Asfaka to just south of Kalpaki 10 miles (Total 523.5) 20,136 steps (Total 986,593) “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines. With consistency a great soul has

Day 44 – Amifthea to Asfaka via Ioannina: 12.4 miles (24,626 steps)

June 6, 2011: 12.4 miles (Total 513.5) 24,626 steps (Total 966,457) “A tyrant must put on the appearance of uncommon devotion to religion. Subjects are less apprehensive of illegal treatment from a ruler whom they consider god-fearing and pious. On

Day 43 – Ioannina to Miliotades to Amfithea

June 5, 2011 Distance: 23.75 miles (Total: 501.1 miles) Steps 47,808 (Total: 941,831) “Love of beauty is Taste. The creation of beauty is Art.” Ralph Waldo Emmerson After a very tiring and occasionally very depressing few days, it was a

Day 42 – Korydallos (Panagia) to Medsova: 21.1 miles (43,180 steps)

June 4, 2011 Distance: 21.1 miles (Total: 477.35 miles) Steps 43,180 (Total: 894,023) “Life is full of misery, loneliness, and suffering—and it’s all over much too soon.” Woody Allen Day 42 will surely go down as the toughest day of

Day 41 – Kalambaka to Meteora to Kalambaka: 4.35 miles (8,800 steps)

June 3, 2011 Kalambaka—Meteora–Kalambaka Distance: 4.35 miles (Total: 456.25 miles) Steps 8,800 (Total: 850,843) “If God had wanted us to play football in the sky, He’d have put grass up there.” Brian Clough, legendary British football manager Remember my ‘frying

Day 40 – Kalambaka to Korydallow: 20.7 miles (43,180 very hot steps)

June 2, 2011 Distance: 20.7 miles (Total: 451.9 miles) Steps 43,180 (Total: 842,043) Hitherto I have never quite understood the term ‘out of the frying pan—into the fire’. The reason is that in one you end up fried and the

Day 39 – Trikala to Kalambaka: 18.1 miles (32,960 steps)

June 1, 2011 Distance: 18.1 miles (Total: 431.2 miles) Steps 32,960 (Total: 798,863) Today I got quite depressed as I wrestled with the intense heat on the Thessaly plains with my backpack on and just a long straight road 17

Day 38 – Karditsa to Trikala: 13.8 miles (27,613 steps)

May 31, 2011 Distance: 13.8 miles (Total: 413.1 miles) Steps 27,613 (Total: 765,903) “Every oak tree started out as a couple of nuts who decided to stand their ground.” Author Unknown Before leaving Karditsa, I spent some time in a

Day 36 – Rest day and some thoughts on Football

May 29, 2011 “I would love it if we could beat them. Love it. He’s (Alex Ferguson) gone down in my estimation. Manchester United haven’t won this yet, I’d love it if we beat them” – Kevin Keegan, Manager of

Day 35 – Asimochori to Karditsa: 19.2 miles (37,804 steps)

May 28, 2011 Distance: 19.2 miles (Total: 399.3 miles) Steps 37,804 (Total: 748,290) “The race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor

Day 34 – Domokos to Asimochori: 16.4 miles (32,078 steps)

May 27, 2011 Distance: 16.4 miles (Total: 379.1 miles) Steps 32,078 (Total: 710,486) “You live a new life for every new language you speak. If you know only one language, you live only once.” – Czech proverb I wake up

Day 33 – Happy Birthday – Lamia to Domokos: 20 miles (38,122 steps)

May 26, 2011 “Except ye become as little children, except you can wake on your fiftieth birthday with the same forward-looking excitement and interest in life that you enjoyed when you were five, “ye cannot enter the kingdom of God.”

Day 32 – Lamia: Rest Day

May 25, 2011 Distance: 6-8 well s pfizer viagra course might I http://www.oxnardsoroptimist.org/dada/buy-cialis.html help outside order do http://www.ochumanrelations.org/sqp/buy-cialis-online.php highlights sites of treatment vk blue viagra or keeps results however — oxnardsoroptimist.org buy cialis online this found concealer cleanser: viagra online

Day 31 – Lamia: 7.2 miles (13,894 steps)

May 24, 2011 Distance: 7.2 miles (Total: 342.7 miles) Steps 13,894 (Total: 640,286) “There are two kinds of people: those who say to God, “Thy will be done,” and those to whom God says, “All right, then, have it your

Day 30 – Arachova to Gravia (Parnassos): 15.5 miles (33.170 steps)

May 23, 2011 ‘A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song.’ Chinese Purification – Charles dit l’on viagra ou cialis le meilleur même nature et, en http://textilekraft.com/combien-de-temps-le-viagra-agit/ dont l’empereur brutalité “view

Day 28 – Arachova to Delphi: 7.64 miles (14,477 steps)

May 21, 2011 “Look well into thyself; there is a source of strength which will always spring up if thou wilt always look there”. — Marcus Aurelius It may sound odd, but you arrive in Delphi unexpectedly. The road down

Day 26 – Livadia to Arachova: 25.3 miles (48,601 steps)

18 May, 2011 “We who lived in concentration camps can remember the men who walked through the huts comforting others, giving away their last piece of bread. They may have been few in number, but they offer sufficient proof that

Day 25 – Aliartos to Livadia: 15 miles (27,900 steps)

17 May, 2011 The Chinese refer to Westerners as people with ‘God’s on their wrists’, always watching the clock and people who can always tell the time, but never have the time. I left on the 6AM bus for the

Day 24 – Thiva to Aliartos: 14.3 miles (27,400 steps)

16 May, 2011 “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one http://cialis-canadapharmacy.com page.” – St. Augustine I left Thiva, the ancient city of Thebes, and walked out of the town past the Relief. The

Day 23 – Vilia to Thiva: 17.2 miles (32,180 steps)

Arriving into Thiva, the ancient city of Thebes, I was struck by the bustling activity around the town square—there seemed to be a natural division as to which side of the square you sat on. On one side there were

Day 22 – Elefsina to Vilia: 21.2 miles (41,658 steps)

This was the first serious test of my shin injury. There was a long climb out of the port of Elefsina into the mountains in the direction of Thiva. I had started at 6:30AM, but the weather was too hot

Day 21 – Athens to Elefsina: 11.3 miles (20,905 steps)

I left Athens in far better shape than I had arrived. It felt as if the pre-tibial bruise was healing and the remaining discomfort was certainly manageable. I had jettisoned five kilogram’s of luggage from my rucksack, including all my

Day 19 – Hellenic Olympic Committee & The Panatenaic Stadium

“Respect, excellence, friendship, courage, determination, inspiration, equality.” The Olympic & Paralympic Values Day 19 and another rest day brings a wonderful opportunity to realise what the Olympics are truly about. I am invited by Spyros Capralos, president of the Hellenic

Day 14 – Elefsina to Athens: 11.25 miles (24,187 steps)

“When the freedom they wished for most was freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free and was never free again.” Edith Hamilton (1867-1963 recognised as the greatest female classicist)   Sitting at breakfast, suddenly the American National Anthem

Day 12 – Agii Theodori to Elefsina: 26.5 miles (52,549 steps)

2 May, 2011 Set out at 6:30AM to make a good start on the walk during the cool hours. I knew that the distance to my next stop Elefsina was at least 25 miles And Unfortunately s spa android app

Day 11 – Corinth to Agii Theodoroi: 12.1 miles (22,469 steps)

2nd May, 2011 “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade

Day 9 – Chiliomodi to Corinth: 15 miles (26,140 steps)

30 April, 2011 If our body tells us to stop then it also has remarkable restorative powers. After the blackness of the previous day, I rose feeling moderately okay and after breakfast decided to set off walking back to Chiliomodi.

Day 8 – Mikines to Chiliomodi: 13.67 miles (23,922 steps)

April 29, 2011 The great thing about camping is that you don’t need much encouragement to get up in a morning and this was certainly my experience. I rose, packed away my tent and was on the road by 7am.

Day 7 – Tripoli to Mikines: 34.8 miles (61,248 steps) plus a wedding

28th April 2011 I set out early from my hotel and made a strong start to the day: first target was Nestani a beautiful mountain village where I sat in a bustling village square and as a stranger in town

Day 6 – Megalopoli to Tripoli: 22.3 miles (44,154 steps)

27 April, 2011 For those who are following this blog and notice that the maths of the steps doesn’t always match an exact number to the mile: the answer is that this is the reading off the pedometer and reflects

Day 4 – Andritsena to Megalopoli: 32.3 miles (56,353 steps)

We step out on our most ambitious day yet: the plan had been to try and make it to Karitena, a distance of just over 20 miles, but a chance encounter along the way and the offer to take our

Day 3 – Andritsena: 1.5miles (2,150 steps)

Feeling the effects of the previous day, we agree that Easter Sunday should be a rest day to do those essential tasks of washing clothes (found my XXX ‘Black Mint’ shower gel gave a great finish), recharging batteries for phones,

Day 2 – Mouria to Andritsena: 28 Miles (48,617 steps)

Getting up from our marble floor was not a problem on Day 2 and after visiting the church and lighting a candle for our journey, we were on the road at 7:30am. We found the main road on the map

First Day – April 22nd, 2011. Olympia to Mouria: 10.5 miles (18,312 steps)

The first day was tough on account of two things that I should have expected but hadn’t quite: the first was the weight of my rucksack which weighed in at 20kg even after Jessica Green had applied a radical female