The Goal

  • Olympic Truce is taken seriously for the first time by member states of the United Nations.
  • For the British government, as proposer of the London 2012 Truce Resolution to the General Assembly of the UN, to lead by example in identifying two or three initiatives which it will implement for the Truce and announcing them when they formally move the Resolution in October, 2011.
  • Humanitarian aid reaches conflict zones during the period of Truce saving lives.
  • Some dialogue commences in current conflicts.
  • To raise awareness of the  Olympic Truce and rediscover its values as the founding purposes of the Olympic Games.
  • The legacy of the Truce from the UK 2012 raises the international bar of expectation for the Truce for Russia (2014) and Brazil (2016).

What are some practical ways to achieve these goals:

Create a humanitarian window, in co-ordination with the UN, NATO and EU, through which immunisation and vaccination of children could be delivered into conflict areas around the world where combatants agree to observe the Olympic Truce in London 2012.

Convene a special conference of world leaders at either Methodist Central Hall or Church House (locations of the first UN meetings of the General Assembly and Security Council) to consider what more could be done to assist fragile and conflict-affected states. No fragile state has yet achieved a single Millennium Development Goal, and 22 of the 34 countries furthest from reaching them are in the midst of, or emerging from, violent conflict.

The Prime Minister David Cameron could announce that the Coalition government will take the Olympic Truce seriously and that he will personally propose the Truce Resolution to the General Assembly of the United Nations .

Instruct the Olympics Cabinet sub-committee to collate ideas from inside government and outside as to how the Olympic Truce could be implemented.

“My Truce”

How would you like to see the Olympic Truce observed?
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